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The Great Plains Foundation is committed to investing in communities. Through its vast network, the Great Plains Foundation identifies projects that are action-oriented and embraced by the communities which they serve. The Great Plains Foundation believes in partnering with local community groups to implement its projects because working together creates real, lasting change.

Conservation Education

Sustainable conservation is inextricably linked to the communities living among wildlife and protected lands. Without community-supported initiatives, and a focus on the future, lasting conservation legacies are not possible.

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Solar Mamas

The Solar Mamas initiative empowers local women in Botswana to improve their economic prospects while providing a much-needed service to their communities through solar-powered electrical systems.

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School Support

Great Plains has a strong focus on education in vulnerable rural communities bordering wildlife areas. To ensure education continues with progress there are a variety of projects from school supplies, teacher salaries, school meal support and more.

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Building Bridges

Great Plains is building bridges, in partnership with Bridging the Gap Africa, Kenya to provide a safe crossing of dangerous rivers for communities to have access to schools, clinics, the market and more.

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Naboisho Women's Group

The Naboisho Women’s Group in the Maasai Mara is a business venture bringing women and income that can be focused on healthcare and education for their family.

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Mobile School Clinics

The Great Plains Mobile School Clinics bring medical practitioners to remote and rural schools who would otherwise not have access.

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Great Plains Earth Academy

The Great Plains Earth Academy is building upon the important relationships Great Plains Conservation and its Foundation have developed to engage local young people and adults in northern Botswana in a variety of programs that provide supplemental education, vocational skills, and scholarships.

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Conservation Goals

Engaging communities in the conservation dialogue can take many forms but creating meaningful and memorable experiences around conservation is what leaves a lasting impact.

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Sponsored Teachers

By sponsoring teachers, the impact is widely felt. Classes become smaller, more attention is given to each student. Pressure is lifted off the existing teachers an education is boosted, educating the next generation of leaders in rural communities.

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