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Restoration and protection of landscapes is central to the Great Plains Foundation’s conservation philosophy.

Healthy and fully functioning ecosystems are the foundation upon which all other systems operate. Through projects that address conservation across entire landscapes, the Great Plains Foundation is building a brighter future for Africa’s landscapes and those who depend upon them.

Sapi Restoration Initiative

The goal of the Sapi Restoration Initiative is to restore this depleted landscape through a combination of strategic protections, a comprehensive conservation plan, species reintroduction, and conservation tourism.

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Conservation Emergency Fund

One of the most important lessons gleaned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that unprecedented times and challenges call for fast, flexible and innovative responses.

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Conservation Roots

The Great Plains Foundation is on a mission to restore ecosystems. Through Conservation Roots the Great Plains Foundation is partnering with local communities to restore indigenous trees to landscapes across Kenya, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

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