Save our Three Pillar Species

We are concerned with the plight of lions, rhinos and elephants and have undertaken to protect these three key species, without which I believe African ecosystems, and whole economies will collapse.

We have our long-standing lion work and are founders of the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative with 80 projects in 27 countries. Each is a hands on conservation project and we do not help fund technical sciences. That is someone else’s role to play. Ours is an involvement in anything that is effective for saving these animals today and longer term.

With elephants we are constantly searching and researching projects. Some range from saving orphans to protecting those in Southern Kenya on our ol Donyo property in Maasailand. We work with Save the Elephants, Big Life Foundation and many others but unlike many, we ask for projects and understand them fully and then support those.

We like to take on project specific work so that we can understand objectives and then measure effectiveness on a regular basis and then, build on those successes.

We invite you to join us in supporting these three species.