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“Conservation in Africa today has to take a highly strategic approach if it is to save the wildlife and landscapes we love.”

~ Dereck Joubert

Conservation takes many forms. Our projects are strategic, comprehensive, and action-oriented.

The Great Plains Foundation takes a holistic view of conservation and all of the projects, whether wildlife, landscape or community focused seek to restore, reinvigorate, and protect wilderness areas. The following initiatives are focused on specific species conservation, but with a goal to preserve and protect the overarching ecosystems in which these species reside.

Rhino Monitoring

Protecting future generations of wild rhinos. Great Plains Foundation’s rhino work focuses on the safety of wild rhinos in Africa in collaboration with the local, national and international conservation community, and on combating wildlife crime.

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Project Ranger

Project Ranger began as an emergency intervention in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, as travel and tourism were brought to a standstill, national parks, protected areas and lodges were left empty. Stop a Poacher. Sponsor a Ranger. Save a Species.

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Female Rangers

Conservation areas need boots on the ground. Without these frontline rangers, poachers have it all their own way. But we often do not need armed antipoaching forces, what we need are eyes and ears.

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Sapi Restoration

The goal of the Sapi Restoration Initiative is to restore this depleted landscape through a combination of strategic protections, a comprehensive conservation plan, species reintroduction, and conservation tourism.

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Big Cats Initiative

As National Geographic Explorers, Great Plains Founders, Dereck and Beverly Joubert established the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative (BCI). More than a decade later, BCI has funded more than 150 projects in 28 countries.

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