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Sapi Restoration

Securing an Essential Piece of the Zambezi Valley

In Zimbabwe, Great Plains is securing the Sapi Reserve, an expansive and fragile landscape that forms the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Middle-Zambezi Biosphere Reserve. The goal of the Sapi Restoration Initiative is to restore this depleted landscape through a combination of strategic protections, a comprehensive conservation plan, species reintroduction, and conservation tourism.

Our landscape restoration efforts in Zimbabwe’s Sapi Reserve follow in the footsteps of our nearly 15-years of managing and protecting the Selinda Reserve in Botswana. In late 2016 Great Plains Conservation was awarded the 290,000-acre Sapi Reserve to conserve and manage. Hunted since 1957, this important area of Zimbabwe is set on the Zambezi River and borders Mana Pools National Park.  Working with teams of world-renowned experts, the Great Plains strategy for the Sapi Restoration Initiative includes developing basic infrastructure, roads and communications systems, a strategic wildlife management plan, wildlife monitoring teams, support for ZimParks, species reintroduction, on-going flora and fauna surveys, and photographic tourism; all with a single goal in mind: to restore and protect this essential ecosystem.

The Sapi Restoration Initiative represents large landscape conservation at its best, combining best practices in land management and sound business principles through tourism.

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