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Building Bridges for Safe River Crossings

Great Plains is always looking for projects of high impact in the communities we support. The rains in the Masai Mara cause fast-flowing rivers, often cutting off communities from schools, clinics, markets and more. In the rainy season, children would miss school because the water levels were too dangerous to cross, setting them back in their education.

Great Plains, in partnership with Bridging the Gap Africa, are building safe and durable bridges, creating a reliable access point across the rivers.

The impact of the Building Bridges has been more than we imagined. With all school children being able to continue their education safely and progress in school, families having safe access to medical facilities and clinics, businesses being able to take their products to the market to sell for their income, and even rangers using the bridge when on patrol.

$15,000 will support the building of a safe crossing and access for communities in Kenya.

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