2018 – Year in Review

Reflecting on 2018, I am proud of the progress we made together conserving and expanding natural habitats in Africa. Working alongside partners, supporters, guests, local communities and friends the Great Plains Conservation and the Great Plains Foundation made a real, tangible, lasting contribution to conservation in Africa. Together we made a difference.

When Beverly and I started down the road of conservation tourism, we were confident that it had the potential to change the world. Seeing what Great Plains Conservation and its Foundation has accomplished has confirmed this for us. By combining the transformative power of travel with solid, strategic conservation programs, a new field has been created; one that I am calling “experiential conservation”. It is through the experience of wild places that one understands the value and importance in protecting them and we are honoured to have shared some of these wild places with many of you.

The impact of Great Plains Conservation and the Foundation is the sum of many parts; that of our dedicated supporters and guests, our incredible and committed staff, and the guidance and collaboration of local partners. Lasting conservation is only possible by thinking creatively and collaboratively… and 2018 demonstrated the power of both.

As we look ahead, it is these critical elements: creativity and collaboration that will allow us to protect more places and species; expanding the footprint of wild places for future generations. Thank you for joining us in this, as champions of conservation. There is indeed a bright future ahead.

– Dereck Joubert

Thank you to all our partners and donors for making 2018 such an incredible year for the Great Plains Foundation. Please join us in celebrating our collective conservation accomplishments by reviewing the Great Plains Foundation Year-in-Review.

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