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Solar Mama Impact – Hear From the Beneficiary Families

What have been the benefits to the Solar Mama project so far?

The true impact of a community project can only be measured in time. This can be either grades in school improving due to educational support, economic upliftment of women who have started their own business etc. We met with beneficiaries of the Household Solar Units to check in on the project and it’s impact.

Beneficiary: Nxhae from Gudigwa Village

“I’m grandmother to 2 children and they now continue with their school assignments after dark to progress in school and get better grades. I can walk to the bathroom safely in the night and not be worried about people or animals. I can now charge my phone safely at home, I used to go and charge my phone and when I would go back, I would find perhaps someone had stolen the battery or used my phone while it was charging, now I know it is safe and I can work while it charges. Charging phones is important for doing business and transferring money.

When the project started people were nervous but then as more and more people received the panels the demand is now huge”

Beneficiary: Mantaga from Seronga Village

“I am a teacher for kids and the elderly and can see the benefits in school of the kids who have a solar system. I have 4 children and they can all study after work, and I can help them all at once with the bright light. I have cut costs from spending money on candles and cheaper solar kits. The systems are reaching the right families with kids that are schooling.

The battery is so good it lasts very long even in cloud and rainy weather conditions.”

Beneficiary: Kereditse from Beetsha Village

“I have 10 kids, there are 3 still studying at school. All 3 can easily read and study after dark now with the amount of light we have. They spend all evening reading and studying that I have to turn off the lights to stop them and get them to go to bed otherwise they wouldn’t stop!

The solar panel has changed our lives a huge huge amount. We don’t have to travel to charge our phones and the light brings us safety. Before I had a solar light I walked back to my house in the dark and there were snakes in the dark and I was scared. Now we have light my kids and I can walk safely back to the house in the dark.

Everyone wants a Great Plains solar system, the systems are strong, and the electricity lasts for a very long time, I never run out of electricity. I’ve even made a line to reach my kids houses next door to share the electricity. Another benefit is I see more people as they come to use the electricity at my house.

We can see the improvements in school already, it is amazing.”

Beneficiary: Oleogeng from Gunotsoga Village

“We are on the edge of the village and animals could come closer to our yards and thanks to the solar system and lights nowadays they don’t come close. We have good lights as if we had electricity from the grid and amazingly some people who have access to the grid come and ask me to charge their phones when the grid is down.

They system is so reliable it can take up to 2 days without needing to be recharged. My kids can read and write at night using the lights. I have one kid in standard 1 and one in form 2.”

Beneficiary: Thaganelo from Gunotsoga Village

“I am the son my mother who is currently out in the fields but was the recipient of the solar system. It feels like we now have electricity from the grid because we can charge our phones. The lights have a long duration at night, and you can see any danger coming towards the house. There are 3 kids who benefit from the system, 2 going to primary school, they can read and do homework easily unlike before. The lights have really changed our lives especially my mother as she is elderly and now happy there is light for safety and the future.”


Beneficiary: Tsholofelo from Eretsha Village

“The Solar System has changed our lives. Now my children can do homework after dark, and we can work extended hours too, we can all use the light as it is so bright. We are now safely able to charge our phones and also our speakers so we can enjoy music together! Many people are benefitting from this system, even with one panel we can help many people as the system is so good. We can leave the light on outside for security all night and it still doesn’t go flat.

Our family and friends all want the system and are hoping to have the funds to get them soon.”

Beneficiary: Boyson from Seronga Village

“The solar system has bought us huge benefits. I work all day as a Headman and I can now spend the evenings compiling my notes and organizing my business. I live on the outskirts of town where the town meets the bush and the lights are helpful for keeping elephants away, they don’t like the light and avoid coming near.

Having my own electricity bank to charge my phone is a huge help, I can go about my business with less issues of communication break downs from battery issues. It has helped hugely.”

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