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The first solar systems have been installed in Botswana!

We are excited to announce that the first solar systems have been installed across Okavango communities in Botswana! Even with setbacks from Covid-19, our team, led by Gobo, have worked tirelessly to keep the Solar Mama project moving. Over the last few weeks, Gobo, Letso and Mpho have been travelling between the five Okavango Community Trust villages in Northern Botswana, supporting our Solar Mamas with the registration and installations of the first solar electricity systems to families.

The aim of the project is for school children to have a safe way to study after sunset and progress in school and for families to access electricity to boost economic opportunities.


Botswana is such a sunny country it lends itself naturally to solar energy. We’re making the most of this by harnessing the sun’s energy into electricity. It is a safe and resourceful way to convert solar energy into electricity. Using renewable solar energy supports our Great Plains environmental and sustainability policy.

Our 9 Solar Mamas are specially trained in solar installations from their time spent in India. The Solar Mamas have reported that the communities have responded so positively to the project and have requested more units to be available. In response to this, there will be more units being rolled out during 2022 and over the next few years.


Hi Gobo, what is your role in the Solar Mama project? 

My role is managing the project on the ground in Botswana, coordinating the solar systems, the solar mamas equipment, managing the community registration process and the installations so far.

What are the benefits of electrifying communities in rural Botswana? 

This is going to make a huge difference as now kids are going to be able to do their homework and school assignments at night since there will be light. Women are also going to have more time to do other business-related work with solar electricity

What is your hope for the future?

For the future, I hope that all households will have light and electricity in all the villages. This will help with safety too as wild animals will avoid the light.

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