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Rhinos Without Borders Update – July 2019

It is hard to believe that nearly 4 years have passed since Rhinos Without Borders first took action on its bold vision of moving 100 rhinos to safety. These initial relocated rhinos were truly pioneers, venturing into habitats roamed by previous generations but sorely depleted of their contemporaries.

These first rhino carried with them the hopes and dreams of countless conservationists and local communities. Dreams of rebuilding a population of wild rhinos in areas where their piece of the ecological puzzle had gone missing.

It is with enormous pride for the tireless commitment of the Rhinos Without Borders team, its local wildlife monitors, its collaborators, its story-tellers, and its international community of supporters that we can collectively celebrate the 87 rhino who have been successfully relocated and birthed 28 calves. These calves represent the future of this wild population of rhino. It is with them that our hope now gains momentum.

In recent months a significant drought has gripped the entire region where Rhinos Without Borders operates. In consult with top wildlife experts, veterinarians, and environmental professionals, Rhinos Without Borders has decided, out of an abundance of caution, to wait to relocate the final 13 rhinos until the habitat conditions improve. Until then we will continue to protect and preserve the newest inhabitants of these ecosystems; the relocated rhino.

Rhinos Without Borders is also proud to share that recently Dr. Markus Hofmeyr was named Best Conservation Practitioner at the 2019 Rhino Conservation Awards. A big congratulations to Dr. Hofmeyr and many thanks for his contributions to Rhinos Without Borders!

Thank you to each of you for joining us in this hopeful conservation story and helping create a bright future for wild rhinos in Africa.

Dereck Joubert

Chairman, Great Plains Foundation
CEO, Great Plains Conservation

Author Great Plains Foundation

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