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New School Food Program in the Amboseli Region, Kenya

Supporting Education in the Amboseli Region through School Meals

Over the years Great Plains Foundation has been working closely with the Mbirikani Group Ranch in the region of the Amboseli Ecosystem in Kenya, in particular the 18 primary schools in the community.

Education is at the forefront of the Foundation’s mission and there have been a variety of projects including ongoing support of 23 teachers’ salaries across the group supporting the education of 6,490 school kids as well as Kids Conservation Education camps hosted by Dan and James. Konee ensures regular check-ins with the schools on their needs, shares school supplies that our safari guests have donated and maintains a close relationship with the group.

Over the last few months it was bought to the team’s attention that the region is experiencing a drought and that a food scheme would be invaluable in supporting the school children in the community, and so began the School Meal Program, in partnership with the Big Life Foundation. The program is supporting the ingredients and delivery of school meals across the 18 schools, supporting over 8,000 children to stay in education.

“Your kind support will go a long way in mitigating the effects of the biting drought in the Amboseli Ecosystem landscape, as it will ensure that no child will drop from school due to lack of food in our ranch. It will also help in sustaining concentrationlevels in school which will in turn help to boost performance in our schools.”
Daniel Metoe, Chairman of Mbirikani Group Ranch

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