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Update from our Female Wildlife Rangers

Beating gender stereotypes, protecting biodiversity, inspiring the next generation, our Female Rangers are unstoppable

Our Female Rangers are striving forwards and we are inspired by their dedication and progress. The first cohort (onboarded for their 12-month training in 2022) are now out in the field, applying their training, further developing their knowledge and monitoring biodiversity. The second cohort, who joined in 2023, have successfully completed their intensive Nature Course learning about African wilderness, bush survival skills, the art of tracking, bird and mammal identification, and more. The ladies have attended a training course on emotional intelligence development and communication skills, adding more strings to their bow.

When it comes to biodiversity monitoring there is nothing too big or too small! Our team were also lucky enough to interact with a trained beekeeper and start the process of becoming beekeepers in training. While most people may think that beekeeping is all about honey production, the team learnt that they can play an essential role in assisting and supporting the protection and reproduction of bees that can then be released back into the wild to repopulate areas where colonies have been decimated due to fires or pressure from elephants. The next stage will see the first cohort engaging in dry season surveys for the first time and the second cohort beginning their biodiversity monitoring theoretical learning. Also planned for this time period are ongoing performance assessments, career development and boat training.

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