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Conservation Education Camp in Masai Mara

Youth Conservation Education Camp in partnership with The Maa Trust

Conservation Education has been integral to Great Plains from the moment it was founded, with Educational camps hosted in the Okavango Delta of Botswana and the Amboseli Region in Kenya. In the Masai Mara Great Plains team up with The Maa Trust and fund their Youth Conservation Educational Camps in the area. These Conservation Camps, held 3 times a year, aim to protect vulnerable youth during school holidays by engaging them in conservation and social-themed activities to increase their self-confidence and skills. Great Plains also hosted a course this year on wildlife behaviour, understanding and importance.

This Conservation Camp hosted 43 scholarship students with the subjects and training focussing on three key subjects – wildlife behaviour, snake safety and swimming skills.

Great Plains hosted the Wildlife Behaviour and Understanding course with a full game drive day where we donated 3 Land Cruisers and our Professional Safari Guides to educate the students on wildlife in the surrounding area, how to behave safely around them and their benefits and impact to the Maasai people.

Bio-Ken educated the kids on snake safety covering which snakes are poisonous to humans and what to do in the case of a snake bite.

The rivers in the Masai Mara are well-known hazards to the communities. Several children have sadly drowned in the rivers and dams of the Mara over the last few years so swimming lessons were suggested as a recommended skills training. The swimming lessons were hosted by Infinity Outdoors at Go Green.

The students were also offered counselling and mentorship by a nurse from a local facility.

Funding support for the camp by Great Plains includes boarding materials (sanitary packages, bedding etc), learning materials, all food, logistics, vehicles and more.

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