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Beads For Business: The Naboisho Women’s Bead Group

Supporting women in business to boost health, hygiene and water harvesting for their families.

The Naboisho Women’s Bead Group enables women in the local community to bring in their own household income to support health, hygiene, water harvesting, education and more for their families. This will aim to tackle the lack of access to safe drinking water and funds for education. Great Plains’ support for the project includes purchasing the raw materials for the products, training and sales/marketing support.

The project has a direct impact on 105 households where the women who work on the beading and soap-making project come from. In addition, a further 1000 people directly supported by these households will benefit.

“The beadwork group is so impressed with the support by Great Plains. We are now able to make products without interference or breaks which is helping the women get income for their families. We are hopeful that in the next three years we will be able to expand to more local & international markets and further improve the lives of the women who are members of the group”

– Magdaline (Maggy) Nkurumwa, leading lady of the group.

The craft group is based at Nkoilale Village including women from Nkoilale and Siana. In the rainy season, women from the Siana area encountered challenges crossing the Ormeroe River, however, thanks to the new Great Plains-funded bridge the ladies can safely cross and continue their beading!

The ladies are crafting beautifully made products for Great Plains camps such as coasters, as well as building a product list to sell in the camp boutiques, such as beaded dog collars, belts, camera straps and more.

“Having worked in the Naboisho area I had passed at the Naboisho Craft Centre a few times but they mentioned they were not able to operate fully due to a lack of resources, which meant the women did not have a constant source of income. This was the only organised women group in the Nkoilale/ Sekenani area that I felt if successful would have a powerful impact on the lives of its members” – Marietta, GPF Manager, Kenya.

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