Maasai Olympics

Every two years Maasai men and women gather in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro for the Maasai Olympics. This unique conservation program is a sporting event featuring bouts of athletic endurance, skill, and strategy all with a clear goal in mind… the conservation of lions.

By directing energy towards field and track events and focusing on the communal benefits of protecting big cats these young people become both athletes and conservationists.

The rewards for the Maasai, other than finding potential mates, includes winning educational scholarships, a stud bull, and an opportunity to meet their hero and fellow Maasai David Rudisha. Instead of hunting for lions these Maasai are competing for trophies of a very different sort, bringing respect, pride and esteem. This event is the culmination of an entire year’s worth of activities and intense education, conducted in partnership with The Big Life Foundation, to alter the ethos of an entire culture. The annual budget for this series of events and education is $100,000.

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