Great Plains Conservation has committed alongside industry partner andBeyond to undertake a relocation of rhinos on a magnitude never done before – to relocate no less than 100 rhino from South Africa to safe havens in Botswana.

Big Life now employs approximately 300 rangers, with 27 outposts and 15 vehicles, protecting 2 million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem of Kenya and across the border into Tanzania.

Hunting has been banned in Botswana, at last. The weakness of the effort may be that the future land use, (eco tourism) in marginal areas now shot out, may take a long time to establish. If we do not acquire the leases on this land, hunters will lobby to reopen hunting.

Young warriors in the Amboseli-Tsavo area are becoming committed to lion conservation but they have an innate desire to compete. We are attempting to redirect that into formal organised field and track sports and last year (2012) we ran the first Maasai Olympics. It was a huge success.