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Day 1: 26 is a significant number
26 was the original number of rhinos translocated in Rhino Without Borders. Through the generosity of dedicated conservationists around the world, these lucky 26 rhinos went on to establish new crashes of rhinos in pristine wilderness areas. Join Rhinos Without Borders in celebrating the original 26 by making a gift today and help us “Name-a-Newborn” in the process.
Day 2: Veterinary Costs
Rhinos Without Borders is proud to work with some of the top wildlife vets in the world and there is nothing more rewarding than working with some the curious and cute baby rhinos! Join us by showing your appreciation, allowing these dedicated “rhino doctors” to apply their trade so carefully and successfully!
Day 3: Monitoring (field teams)
Since Rhinos Without Borders monitors are keeping protective eyes on the rhinos daily, we are the first to know when the new babies arrive. Gifts of $150 helps ensure our field teams can operate in remote areas and keep watch over the new babies and their mothers.
Day 4: Monitoring (technology)
Employing advanced technologies allows the Rhinos Without Borders team to monitor the newborn calves’ movements. For $750, help us employ cutting edge, innovative technology solutions to our Rhinos Without Borders monitoring arsenal, making the monitoring efforts easier and much more effective.
Day 5: Community Conservation Education
Engaging local communities is critical to long-term conservation. Celebrate the individuals who are committed to ensuring rhinos remain part of their living natural heritage. Your gift will allow us to conduct conservation lessons which teach the importance of wildlife, the relationship between people and nature as well as ecosystem conservation. The impact is far reaching, influencing a future generation of conservationists.
$1 000
Today we pause to THANK all our supporters and friends who have joined Rhinos Without Borders in the #name-a-newborn campaign. Together, we are making a huge impact in global rhino conservation!
Day 7: Technology in the Operations Center
Rhinos, like many threatened species, benefit from the advances in monitoring technologies. This holiday season, join Rhinos Without Borders in giving the gift of state-of–the-art technology to our dedicated monitors!
Day 8: Monitoring (Aerial surveys)
Rhinos Without Borders rhinos are released and born into undisclosed, wilderness areas. Given the tough terrain; our monitors use both on-the-ground and aerial surveying to keep a close eye on them. Gifts of $1,500, will help ensure our dedicated pilots and aircraft can watch the babies grow from the air.
$1 500
Day 9: All costs for monitoring a newborn + its mother for 3 years
The monitoring and security of rhinos is a costly business. We invite you to join us today in helping Rhinos Without Borders fund the critical work of monitoring and protecting these pioneering rhino and their offspring in Botswana. $25,000 USD will help us protect a newborn and its mother for the next 3 years. Donors who wish to sponsor a newborn for the full $25,000 will be given the opportunity to name-the-newborn and receive personalized updates about their newborn as they continue to grow and thrive in the wilderness.
$25 000
The cost of helping save a species…PRICELESS. Rhinos Without Borders is made possible by the dedication and commitment of individuals like YOU. Thank you for joining us in our #name-a-newborn campaign, helping ensure the very survival of wild rhino and their offspring.