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Mobile Eyesight Clinic for Schools in Rural Kenya

Impact Through Education: 1,602 school children’s EyeSight tested in Kenya

Great Plains Foundation focuses on supporting education in rural areas. Education is the key to progress and life and there are often hurdles between individuals meeting their full potential. One of the main issues is challenges with eyesight holding back a child from progressing in school. Due to the schools being in remote areas of Kenya, access to clinics is cut off. The Great Plains Mobile Eyesight Clinic brings the regional specialists to the schools to do their checks.

The Mobile Eyesight Clinic also included global specialists from South Africa, Seeva, who are specialists in pediatric optometry and onsite spectacle solutions. The Mobile Eyesight Clinic moved between the Amboseli Region and Maasai Mara screening 1,602 school children across 31 schools. The regional doctor was able to administer medication where needed and Seeva were able to distribute spectacles that day to those who needed.

The ability to progress in school is essential, and challenges with eyesight can often be a quick fix if medical facilities are accessible. The project made this possible.

The eye sight screening process was specialised with 6 stations, testing colour, 3D capabilities, near vision, far vision, a check with the regional specialist optometrist and a further specialist checkup with Seeva. The data collected from the region is left with the regional specialist to gain an understanding of the common situations in the region and environmental controls to reduce complications.

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