The Great Plains Foundation’s initiative, “Land for Lions” employs the same strategic and comprehensive approach as all its conservation work; recognizing that without a coordinated tactics conservation outcomes are limited. For that reason we structure Land for Lions in three parts: securingexpanding, and stewarding lion habitat across all the areas where Great Plains operates


In Zimbabwe we are securing the landscape to encourage large predators, and other wildlife, to return and rebuild the Sapi Reserve an essential piece of the larger Middle Zambezi Biosphere Reserve and the Mana-Sapi-Chewore Unesco World Heritage Site. In Kenya we are working to preserve and expand a wildlife corridor area for lion movement between two large conserved areas in the Amboseli-Chyulu Hills region. And in Botswana we are working with local communities to steward the habitat by implementing human-wildlife conflict prevention strategies and encouraging traditional herding practices…all with the same goal in mind….protecting and conserving the lion populations.

For conservationists who wish to experience the landscapes Great Plains is protecting for lions, we offer “Ride for Lions”. This unique adventure safari allows a small number of mountain bike riders to traverse the land the program is protecting. Through Ride for Lions, individuals intimately experience the landscape and ecosystem their generosity, and event entry fees, are conserving and expanding. For more information on the next Ride for Lions visit www.rideforlions.com

To join the Great Plains Foundation in saving lions please visit www.greatplainsfoundation.com/donate