Stage 3: Quarantine, Care and Security for 6 Weeks

By 5th October 2015RHINO#25

#Rhino25 will be kept in quarantine for 6 weeks so that the vets and Rhinos Without Borders team can make sure each rhino is healthy and strong enough for the arduous journey ahead. As the journey involves a lot of transport in a small enclosed space (the rhino are kept in strong metal crates), they will experience some stress and a few knocks so have to be healthy and solid.

This is a time when security is vital due to having 10 rhino in an enclosed area; which would be a gold mine for a poacher, so there is an extensive security presence at all times. The security costs are around $13,000 to keep #Rhino25 and her 9 rhinos friends safe; so around $1,300 per animal.

To donate to #Rhino25’s journey please click: Rescue Rhino 25

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