RHINO#25 – Black or White Rhinos?

By 15th September 2015RHINO#25

Are Black or White Rhinos being Moved?

The first batch were all white. Of the next 25 RWB is aiming for 5 black and 20 white and building that up to 30 black and 70 white over the first 100. These ratios have been chosen to reflect the proportion of black to white in the remaining populations, the present proportion in Botswana starting up and the availability . Lastly we cannot source black from Namibia (that has a significant population) because they are a different sub species so excluded from our project (not naturally or historically occurring in Botswana.)

What is the Difference Between White and Black Rhino?

There are two species of African rhino – the white and the black. The names are a bit of a misnomer in fact – they are both are the same dark grey-brown colour. It’s likely that the name ‘white rhino’ is a misinterpretation of the Afrikaans word ‘wyd’, referring to its square upper lips whilst Black rhinos have hooked lips.

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