The Great Plains Foundation Ride for Lions is not just for anyone. Nor is it ordinary. It is, quite simply, one of the most exceptional cycling experiences ever to be staged. Participation in this unequalled event is for a chosen few: a powerful pride of protectors, preservers and legacy builders.

Just 10: there is place for just 10 hosts and their invited guest group. Groups are limited to just 10 members. In keeping with the singular intimacy of this experience, only 2 groups will tour together over five different departure dates

A ride of this nature has never been done – until now. A 4-day exploration of Kenya’s priceless Amboseli-Tsavo region: a showcase of Nature’s grand-scale artistry and wildlife spectacles. It is this magnificence that you will witness, experience and conserve.

Graced by the presence of Mt Kilimanjaro, you will follow bush tracks, elephant trails and footpaths. From the vast swathes of savannahs with green smudges of game-rich wetlands, you will gradually ascend into the lava world of the Chyulu Hills. At these higher elevations, the verdant slopes tumble towards the great plains of Africa that extend forever.

Ride for Lions is imbued with the Great Plains’ defining ethos: exquisite attention to detail, luxurious finishes, beautifully appointed locations, non-negotiable safety measures, fine dining and inimitable style. You can look forward to a perfect synergy of exceptional touring and exceptional care.

There are echoes of the Hero’s Journey in this spectacular event. Like the archetypal Hero, you and your group will have embraced a great adventure together, shared experiences, endured challenges, triumphed, emerged with new insights, and, most importantly, you will have made a heroic difference.

Lions need land. They need hidden places not always prime savannahs to breed, to roam as nomads and as a reservoir for their now dwindling numbers.

Great Plains Foundation is reaching out to supporters to help fund the leases, and rehabilitation of land and wildlife on these parcels of ex hunting land.

A lease costs us roughly $250,000 to service for a year. We can acquire leases for 15 years, enough time to rehabilitate and grow wildlife numbers. We believe that within 3 years new styled eco tourism will take over the income and sustainability of the land.

There is around 44 million acres of land in Africa on which lions roam that is unprotected or under hunting management. 60% of the remaining 20-30,000 lions live under no protection at all on this land. Land for Lions is the first step in securing this position.