Rhinos Without Borders


Rhinos Without Borders was formed by Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond, two leading conservation and tourism companies, as a response to the devastating rise in illegal rhino poaching in South Africa.

Rhino poaching in southern African continues at an alarming rate. Since 2008, more than 8000 rhinos have been poached in South Africa alone. Rhinos Without Borders was founded in response to that crisis. The project aims to trans-locate rhino from high-risk poaching areas in southern Africa, establishing and protecting them as revitalized populations in the comparative safety of remote wild locations.

In partnership with the South African and Botswana governments, Rhinos Without Borders project, over the last five-years, established a substantial new wild population of rhinos in Botswana.  The success of this project is evident in the number of rhinos successfully relocated and the significant number of calves that have been born in the wild. This new population of wild rhinos is giving hope for this iconic species across Africa.  With the population the translocated rhino and their offspring exceeding our original target of 100, our focus is now on the security of these animals.

Rhinos Without Borders has experienced monitoring teams on the ground and in the air, working daily with the Botswana Government and a range of other rhino conservation stakeholders. This incredible co-operative conservation effort has already resulted in the birth of no fewer than 60 calves – an absolutely phenomenal achievement.

The annual costs of monitoring these free ranging rhinos is hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Rhinos Without Borders is continuing to seek support for the security and monitoring of these rhinos. The more funding we manage to generate, the more effective our dedicated support teams will be.

Gifts of all sizes make an impact, with donors of $25,000 or more being given the opportunity to “Name a Newborn” calf and receive updates on the individual animal.

Join Rhinos Without Borders today in helping ensure rhinos can roam free across Africa.

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